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Tacoma Medical Malpractice Lawyers – Hospital Negligence Specialists

Tacoma Medical Malpractice Lawyers – Hospital Negligence Specialists

Many people trust doctors, nurses, and other health care providers to help them get better. Unfortunately, these professionals make mistakes that can cause serious harm and even death. These errors are known as Tacoma Medical Malpractice Lawyers – Hospital Negligence Specialists, and they happen more often than most people realize. Medical malpractice claims are filed when a healthcare provider fails to adhere to the standard of care that is expected of him or her. This breach of duty causes injuries or death to patients and leaves them financially and emotionally devastated.

Medical malpractice cases may involve any healthcare professional, such as a doctor or surgeon, nurse, psychologist, dentist, podiatrist, obstetrician, pharmacist, and many others. Hospitals may also be responsible for medical malpractice when they have negligent employees or policies that cause injury to a patient.

In these types of claims, the standard of care refers to the care that a reasonably prudent and skilled health care provider would provide under the same circumstances in the community at large. If the alleged medical professional fails to meet this standard, the injured patient could file a lawsuit seeking compensation for past and future damages such as rehabilitative costs, loss of future income, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Surgical and medical malpractice errors can vary in severity from minor to catastrophic. Some of these errors may require only a few months of rehabilitation, while others are disabling and life-changing, often requiring ongoing treatment and in-home assistance. These expenses can add up quickly and lead to overwhelming debt. Our attorneys are committed to pursuing maximum compensation to cover these expenses and the harder-to-quantify losses caused by the negligence of your healthcare provider.

If you believe that you or a loved one suffered from medical malpractice at Madigan Army Medical Center or another government facility, you have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit and secure the evidence needed for a successful case. This includes obtaining your medical records and other documentation, interviewing important witnesses, and conducting a thorough investigation. Our experienced team is ready to take action today.

Contact us online or call our office to schedule a free consultation with a Tacoma medical malpractice attorney today.

Our attorneys handle a wide range of malpractice cases, including medical misdiagnosis, birth injuries, and surgical errors. We have obtained millions in verdicts and settlements for clients. We are Lead Counsel Verified and have been awarded Martindale-Hubble’s highest rating for client satisfaction. In addition, our Tacoma medical malpractice lawyers work closely with top medical experts in this field to ensure that we are preparing the strongest possible case on your behalf. Our firm is located in Tacoma, Washington and represents clients nationwide. We offer a free initial consultation and do not charge a fee unless we win compensation for you. To learn more, please complete our online contact form or call us toll-free at 888-340-7779. We will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

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